Vincent Clemson

👋 I’m Vince. In 2017, I received my Bachelor of Science in mathematics & a minor in statistics from Penn State. Afterward, I spent 5+ years at what is now Peraton working a few Geospatial Intelligence data science missions on the NGA’s enterprise systems engineering contract. Recently, I was an AI Engineer at Booz Allen where I conducted statistical performance analyses against Earth observing satellite imagery object detection algorithms.

I recently traveled ~13,000 miles by car across to the West coast. I plan to continue to travel. I’m always searching for my next big (or tiny) adventure.

I enjoy spatial analytics. I hope that I can help shed some light on spatial topics to those who are also interested with this site. It’s built with Quarto.

When I’m not head down in geeky stuff, I enjoy salsa dancing, sports (go birds 🦅), and jumping out of aircraft (did it once - was fun & a bit terrifying).

If you’re interesting in learning more about my career, here’s a web version of my résumé.

Also, feel free to contact me at vincent.clemson{@}

Thanks for stopping by. ✌️

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